Sunday, May 19, 2013

Return to India

After a year's hiatus from writing I've decided to revive this blog as a "trip log" for my return to India. I have been invited back by Asia International Mission to visit/film two new ministry sites this year.

I will be working/filming for two weeks in the cities of Bangalore and Kolkata (Calcutta). Although it would be nice to get to see the kids e met at the orphanage last year I am excited to meet two pastors who are following hard after Christ in these cities. (I'll introduce them in later posts after arriving.)

The team will be almost doubled in size (9 members instead of 5) so I am looking forward to being able to pay closer attention to my task of filming, while the rest of the team engages with locals. As with last year my prayer is still that my camera will see the streets of Bangalore and Kolkata as Christ sees them. That I will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading to point the lens at the exact subjects that He wishes to highlight to help support the work He is already doing in these places.

I am excited that I will be spending the evenings in areas with wifi, so I will hopefully be able to post often during the trip. I will try to keep it a good mix of photos and quick stories about what we are getting to experience. And may even be able to add a bit of video here and there depending on the internet's reliability.

If you didn't get to see the video from last year check it out here:

And today I'll leave you with my favorite picture from last year of the two cutest little boys ever, and a map of where I'll be going this year. If you'd like to see my updates, please comment below, or comment or "like" on Facebook, so I know who wants to check it out. Thanks!

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